EBook Every Baby OnThe Way Has Something to Say Baby on the Way Collection(10 card set)
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This is a great gift for expecting parents. This product is a PDF File that requires that you have a program such as Adobe Acrobat 9. This is a FREE program located at www.Adobe.com/AcrobatReader. Month by Month Collection from baby on the way
This E Book was written directly from the baby on the way to mommy and daddy. Bring an expecting family closer together by reading what your baby on the way has to say. Each one of the 10 chapters include a letter to mommy and a seperate letter to daddy. This Collection includes 10 greeting cards to mommy and daddy including month by month messages from their baby on the way during pregnancy. This collection is designed to connect expecting mommy and daddy with baby on the way. This is the perfect keepsake collection for expecting parents. A 24 card collection is also available including cards for expecting family and friends of the newest parents to be.
Every Baby On THe Way Says Has Something To Say!